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Great Ormond Street Hospital Partnership.

Continuing our partnership with the Great Ormond Street Charity and Children’s Hospital, we have bought some much-needed equipment for the centre as well.

The generosity of our supporters has enabled us to buy an infrared spectroscopy machine, one of the many vital pieces of equipment used during and after life changing heart surgeries on young children at the hospital.​


We have also made special asks at our Golf Days and Annual Dinners, and once again our fantastic supporters have come through for us.


We have been able to buy 6 ambulatory heart monitors which are absolutely vital for the Centre as they enable them to detect and treat those children who are most at risk of dangerous (potentially life-threatening) heart rhythms.


They are in great demand as Dr Kaski's Team look after so many patients, so these additional monitors really will make a huge difference.


We are hoping to fund the purchase of more equipment that will help the incredible work that Dr Kaski and his team are doing.


We have a very specific effort. To help children with

hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  and support their families. 

We will develop  screening for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,

and we will do  so by bringing communities and  families together.

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