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Heart Warriors take on the Oxford Half Marathon

The amazing Heart Warriors are now in full  training for the Oxford Half Marathon - all 20 of them! Kayleigh and Dan Preston, Henry’s mum and dad, are leading the team and have been keeping us updated on their progress.

Training for us all is going well. We are yet still to all get together (much harder than I ever thought it would be haha) everyone works either shifts or different days/hours and weekends it’s a little crazy but we have a way to support each other...

I have set up a what’s app group and it’s been fantastic, everyone shares their runs they have done that day or week and the support and encouragement is amazing!

We have been lucky enough to be given access to a local running track between June and September on a Friday evening to all be able to meet up and train together which is really exciting.


Some of the team are using apps and some of us have signed up to local park runs and town runs to get some good training in. Everyone is determined and super excited for October. 

Daniel and John only have 6 weeks until their mammoth bike ride.

Training for them has been extreme, with training for the ride and the run. Both are coping really well and can’t wait for their ride. Dan is in the process of getting his car sign written up with a bar code which people can scan and donate to on route which is such a fab idea!

All in all everyone is well and training is going  great. Dan will be putting the fundraising page on the fire service routine orders (which everyone in Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service will see), to start the fundraising for his bike ride and then once he has competed that and the open day has come and gone we will all be sending out the fundraising page ready for the run! 

Thanks for the support!

Kayleigh Preston

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