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Heart Warriors Half Marathon - 4 weeks to go!

The Heart Warriors team has now grown to a team of 25 and with only 4 weeks to go everyone’s training is going well, although there have been a few hiccups along the way. 

One team member has broken a bone in his foot but is determined to get back to training within the next week or so. 

We’ve had pulled knees, sore ankles but no one is giving up, we’ve got team members that are following strict training programmes, and team members that are just enjoying the odd run here and there but this awesome team can’t wait for the big day! 

The amazing summer we’ve had has been wonderful, but I know I’m not alone in saying I’m rather pleased it’s a bit cooler to run it, those hot days made our runs quite difficult and challenging. 

Our fundraising is now starting to come flying in and we are over our original target of £5000, so we’ve added on a few more £ and taken it up to £7000! We are super confident that we will reach our new target with all the help and support from our incredible friends and family. 

One of fundraisers Sue ran 14 miles over Welsh Cross Country all in preparation for the Oxford Half. 

Love the Heart Warriors x 

Below are some photos of a few of the routes some of us have run.

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