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Introducing Ella Field…

We are delighted to introduce Ella Field, specialist research nurse, who is now working with Dr Kaski at the Centre for Inherited Cardiac Diseases in GOSH.

As a result of our supporters incredible hard work, she is entirely funded by Max’s Foundation.

This is what Ella had to say to us…

“In my previous role as a clinical nurse specialist for the Inherited Cardiovascular Disease service at GOSH, I met many hundreds of patients in our clinics and saw at first hand the impact of these conditions on children and their families. Our large population of paediatric patients offered the potential to explore and understand the development and progression of these diseases and to identify more effective treatment and monitoring strategies, but we did not have the capacity within our team to dedicate time to this work.
The incredibly generous support of Max’s Foundation has enabled the creation of a new research nurse position, allowing time and resources to be targeted specifically towards a better understanding of inherited cardiovascular disease in children.
My new role involves recruiting our patients and their families to take part in research projects, gathering clinical data and analysing test results to help improve our understanding of this group of heart conditions.
Our work is currently focusing on the early stages of disease development in children and teenagers, specifically in those affected by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We are aiming to characterise the subtle early signs of disease onset, which will not only aid diagnosis, but will allow us to more readily identify patients who can benefit from newly developing treatments.
Without the support of Max’s Foundation, this investigative work simply could not take place and we are hugely grateful to all of those who have donated to Max’s Foundation to make this possible.”

We are so proud and so grateful to everybody who has supported us, volunteered for us and raised money for us in so many ways. You really are helping us to make a real difference.

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