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The Cooking Lunch Girls Launch 2nd Cookbook for Charity…

…and Max’s Foundation will be the Charity!

We are delighted and excited to announce that the amazing  Cooking Lunch Girls have chosen Max’s Foundation to be one of the beneficiaries from the sales of their fabulous new book!

The Cooking Girls are launching their new cookery book on 27th February 2018, Cook Taste Share Book Two , with over one hundred delicious and nutritious recipes to enjoy with family and friends. Every recipe oozes with passion and creativity that skilfully fuses flavours and spices. The recipes in this book have been developed in the spirit of inspiring others to cook and share their love of food.

The Cooking Lunch Girls are a group of 18 friends, whose friendships have deepened through their shared experiences of cooking, taking themselves out of their comfort zone and putting their skills to the test. Over the last 12 years they have laughed, cooked and argued and still remain steadfast friends.

“Each of the easy-to-follow recipes have been tried, tested and cooked”, says Jane Mordo from the Cooking Lunch Girls. “The most important ingredient in all our recipes is to always cook with love.

We hope our new book will inspire families, friends and communities to cook, taste and share meals together. Knowing too, that every book sold will raise money for causes close to our hearts, is the icing on the cake”. All the recipes in the book have been illustrated with photographs taken by Jane.

Following the sell-out success of their first cookbook, self-published in 2012, which raised over £22k for charity, the Cooking Lunch Girls’ drive, determination and charitable spirit endures throughout Cook Taste Share Book Two.

All of us at Max’s Foundation are absolutely delighted and so grateful that the Cooking Lunch Girls have chosen us to be their Charity and to benefit from this beautiful book. Their kindness and their generosity will help us to get ever closer to our goal of helping fund research into hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so that no other family need be broken by the loss of their child to this condition.

Cooking Lunch Girl Rita Houri adds: “Being a part of the CLG group has been a wonderful culinary experience. I never imagined that mixing food, fun and friendships would culminate in the publication of two cookbooks and raising thousands of pounds for charity”.
On the forthcoming publication of their second book, Cooking Lunch Girl Sharon Murad said: “Over the years my cooking repertoire became very repetitious. I was very excited but apprehensive about creating a group with friends to cook, but it was the best thing I ever did. My confidence has grown as has my repertoire, I love being pushed to cook new recipes using new ingredients and acquiring new skills and techniques”.

All the recipes in Cook Taste Share Book Two can be created with sumptuous simplicity.

For a quick, healthy lunch, try the Walnut and Apple Salad – the combination of sweet apples, crunchy walnuts and the jewel-like pomegranate seeds in a honey dressing gives a new and exciting twist on the traditional bulgur salad.

The Asian Braised Beef is sure to become a dinner party favourite – this slow-cooked, aromatic dish is quick and easy to prepare and simply melt-in-the-mouth delicious

For dessert, try the Apricot and Pistachio Tart, a delicate golden apricot tart with a pistachio filling bursting with nutritional nuttiness, and baked in a traditional sweet pastry

The Cooking Lunch Girls started after a few close friends met for lunch in a crowded, noisy café and decided they would rather cook for each other in the comfort of their own homes. The concept was successful and the group grew. With their passion for cooking re-ignited, they decided to compile their own cookbook with new and traditional recipes, and raise money for some great causes.

100% of profit of all sales made through Max’s Foundation will be donated to us.  We hope you will support us!

Let’s get cooking, tasting and sharing!

Cook Taste Share Book Two will be available from Wednesday 27th February 2018, priced at £25.00. For more information on how to obtain your copy and pre order with us click here

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